3 Myths Debunked at Social Media Marketing Unplugged

What’s the one thing that can get almost 300 people perked up and excited at 9:00am on a Saturday? A conference of course! Double points if it’s about social media.

Last Saturday, January 29,  Marketing pros from all over BC (plus one from the UK) headed to SFU Woodwards for Social Media Marketing Unplugged, a one-day conference that brought together some of the top marketing practitioners. (Just a note – the use of “marketing practitioners” here instead of “social media gurus” is a conscious one.)

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Careers in Marketing Panel

Photo Credit: SFU's Work Integrated Learning / Online Learning Community

Note: This article first appeared on SFU’s Online Learning Community, where I regularly contribute about social media and work & student life.

On September 28, 2010, the SFU Business Career Management Centre hosted a panel of marketing professionals at SFU Segal downtown. The purpose of the session was to give insights to current SFU Business students on what it’s like to actually be in the field.

The night’s panel included:

After a quick introduction about the panelists, students asked questions, ranging from the panelists’ day to day activities, to their thoughts on social media.

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Decisions: Calculated Risks, Priorities, and Opportunity Costs

Photo Credit: Wordle.net

When I came back to school a few months ago, I made what I thought at that time was a decisive decision – not to do co-op.  There were several reasons for this. First, I really thought I was getting old. Getting back to school after a few years off makes you feel that way. Second, I felt that I had enough experience. In my short time with eBay, I’ve held three roles, one of which affected the entire Customer Support organization.

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