Graphic Design

Marketing is my passion, and I like to use my graphic design skills to help businesses with their marketing efforts!

Through my position at a PR firm and through school projects, I’ve been able to use what I know about graphic design to create memorable, effective marketing pieces. Using Adobe Creative Suite — specifically InDesign and Photoshop — I created the following marketing materials:

Kelvin Claveria - graphic design - portfolio

Designed a year-end report

Tasked with summarizing one year worth of Public Relations efforts, I used my knowledge of graphic design to summarize a large number of information. The year-end report highlighted print, TV, and radio coverage, as well as social media and blogging help that the PR firm provided to the client. This report serves as a valuable marketing piece for the PR firm.

  • Highlighted 50+ media hits, 10+ social media marketing items, and 20+ blog ideas and drafts in a visually-appealing way.
  • Used strong alignment to create a unified look across five pages.
  • Maintained client’s brand identity by using their logo’s colours and re-appropriating that colour throughout the marketing piece.

MSquaredMag - Kelvin Claveria - design portfolio

Conceptualized and designed a lifestyle magazine

Covering the topics of music, fashion, sex, and health, MSQUARED’s main target audience are 18 to 39 year old men. These men live in large urban areas with diverse populations such as Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. They listen to hip hop and pop music; they also have traveled extensively.

  • Conceptualized logo and slogan after determining the magazine’s positioning and target audience for this school project.
  • Emphasized the contemporary concept of the magazine by selecting appropriate sans serif typefaces.
  • Utilized the grids to give the magazine’s layout a lot of white space.
  • Created an advertising piece at the back of magazine; this ad showcased a striking image, an edgy typeface, and a classic but contemporary logo.
  • Designed an alternative ad that used big image and lots of white space to emphasize company slogan and logo.

Alternative print ad - Kelvin Claveria - design portfolio

Designed event marketing pieces

SFU Tweetup is a fictional Twitter event at SFU Burnaby. The goal of the event is to bring together SFU students who use Twitter so they can meet in person. The main target audience were business students who used Twitter actively.

  • Created seven promotional pieces, including a poster, three bookmarks, three tickets, and three postcards.
  • Developed concept and visual system using Twitter’s and SFU’s branding as a starting point.
  • Maintained brand identity across materials by using consistent imagery, colours, and typography.

Kelvin Claveria - graphic design portfolio - print advertising

Contact Kelvin Claveria

Please visit my LinkedIn profile for more info or contact me at kc[at]kcclaveria[dot]com for graphic design projects, Marketing & Communications employment opportunities, or just to say hi.

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