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Is the social media manager role really dying?

Last week, I published an article on LinkedIn about the evolution of the social media manager role.

The inspiration for the post was another LinkedIn article—one that was published by Hootsuite Founder Ryan Holmes:

Last year, Hootsuite’s Ryan Holmes proclaimed the role of social media manager dead. He cited a study that found that the growth in positions with the title “social media manager” has slowed down by 50% between 2012 and 2013.

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remove your facebook profile from search engines

If you’d like a decent online presence, then you need to control what people see when they use a search engine to find out more about you. While you definitely want future employers or business associates to find your LinkedIn profile, not everyone wants their Facebook profile to be as prominent. If you’re like me, your Facebook profile is probably a bit more personal, a place where you post some things you wouldn’t dare post anywhere else.

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best marketing blog posts of 2013

To celebrate the end of 2013,  here are my top marketing and social media posts published this year:

  1. How is Google’s Panda update different from Penguin?

You don’t have to be an SEO expert to be concerned about the different algorithm changes that Google did this past year. From Panda to Penguin to Hummingbird, Google was busy tinkering with its algorithm. Ultimately, the Panda update is about content, while Penguin addressed spamming.

  1. What are people saying about social media ROI?

Many years after social media marketing became the norm, some people still question the return on investment from this kind of marketing. Respected business leaders, authors, and pundits all have something to say about social media ROI—ultimately though, it’s about using KPIs to measure the success of your efforts as opposed to assigning a dollar amount to each tweet or Facebook update.

  1. How do I turn my private Twitter list into a public list?

It’s probably a bug, but earlier this year, I noticed that turning an existing Twitter private list into a public list isn’t exactly straightforward. This post has step-by-step instructions on how to do it.

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Lawyer Crystal Ball

Just for fun, here are my 14 social media predictions for the year ahead:

  1. LinkedIn will introduce hashtags.

The three major social networks in the West—Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn—tend to copy each other’s features.  This year, for example, LinkedIn started letting people tag other users or companies on the site. Facebook, on the other hand, introduced hashtags.

I wouldn’t be surprised if LinkedIn introduces hashtags as well. It makes sense: Hashtags will enable content discovery, letting people connect with other professionals and find even more articles to share.

  1. LinkedIn will kill LinkedIn Groups.

Let’s face it: LinkedIn Groups haven’t been useful for a couple of years now. It’s a widely abused feature. Many people use LinkedIn Groups to spam people with links, without actually thinking about engagement. Earlier this year, LinkedIn killed LinkedIn Answers; I expect LinkedIn Groups to be next.

  1. Teens will flock to yet another new social network.

Teens have a very fickle taste when it comes to social networks. A few years ago, it was Facebook. Today, it’s Snapchat, Tumblr, and, to some extent, Twitter. Pheed was cool for a brief moment of time.

Teens still use the other apps/websites, but an obscure social network will once again capture the attention of the young ones in 2014. Marketers will have to pay attention since where the teens go is usually an indication of what’s going to be hot in a few years.

  1. Buffer’s user base will grow significantly.

Buffer has been a rising star for a while now. And it’s really no wonder why: With a great, easy-to-use product, a useful blog, and a competent team that can handle social media disasters, Buffer is on a roll.

I expect Buffer to grow significantly in 2014, perhaps to the point of challenging Hootsuite in the marketplace. Late this year, Buffer introduced services for businesses. And then a few weeks after that, it integrated with Mention. Buffer surely has a few more innovations along the way.

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Scott Stratten and Jim Kukral Talk with Jay Baer at BlogWorld NY

Social media ROI.

Almost a decade in into the social media age, and marketers are still trying to figure out if it makes sense to engage on social.

It’s not an unfair question to ask: The marketing landscape is complex, and marketing teams should focus their efforts on what works, eliminating any tactics that don’t add value to the business.

Marketers from companies of all sizes have tried their best to pin down the value of social.  Looking at what they have to say about social media ROI, what can we learn about how social affects sales? Below are some quotes from the industry’s leading thinkers.

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