4 Notable Stats From BCAIM’s 2012 State of Marketing Survey

F5 Expo 2010: BC Business
Photo: jeremylim.ca

Last month, the B.C. Association of Integrated Marketers (BCAIM) and Ipsos ASI released a study that revealed the state of marketing in the province.

The study, which you can download via BCBusiness.ca, is the first-ever survey of local marketers in B.C.

Here are four stats from the study that caught my attention.

1. 80% of BC marketers get their marketing news from LinkedIn

In the past couple of years, LinkedIn has transformed itself from just another social network to a content powerhouse. It’s no wonder that marketers in Metro Vancouver are taking notice.

LinkedIn Today does a great job of aggregating news by topic and industry based on what your professional network is already sharing — an important curation tool given the amount of content being produced everyday. The addition of the Influencer program on the site last year gives LinkedIn users another compelling reason to check the site regularly.

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How do you use marketing to earn your customers’ love?

Can't Buy Me Love - SEOmoz presentation

Once upon a time, marketing was all about who has the loudest voice. Buy the most newspaper ads and you’ll likely get the biggest market share. Use the largest newswire to release your latest public release and you have the public’s ears.

But then something happened. Customers started tuning out ads. Brands started creating their own content. And people, just in general, started doubting brands.

Rand Fishkin, CEO of SEOmoz, recently uploaded a presentation entitled “Can’t Buy Me Love” on Slideshare.  The presentation, which was first presented at Distilled’s Searchlove 2012, walks through SEOmoz’s winning formula for winning people’s hearts — and wallets — without spending a fortune on marketing.

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How to leverage media to drive business results: FP Reach Notes & Main Takeaways

FPReach featuring Gary V. in Vancouver

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending FP Reach at the Vancouver Convention Centre. FP Reach —  one of the many Social Media Week Vancouver events —  is a three-city tour that connects small and medium businesses, marketing experts, and successful entrepreneurs sharing the latest marketing trends, business strategies, and best practices. The event  brought out some of Vancouver’s (and North America’s)  leading thought leaders in media, both traditional and digital.

The highlight was the energetic keynote delivered by author and social media marketer Gary Varnerchuk.  My notes are below, but here are some high-level key takeaways:

  • Content is still king, and you are probably not creating enough quality content. Bottom line: Create remarkable content, and do it consistently and frequently.
  • While advertising still can play a role in the marketing cycle, earned media and public relations are powerful tools that can help your business get to the next level.
  • Authenticity isn’t just a buzz word — it’s something you need to strive for in your content, in social media, and when talking to journalists.
  • Traditional media isn’t dead, and ignoring them is a short-sighted strategy. While the industry is currently experiencing many changes, they are quickly adapting and experimenting.

Here are some more specific notes from the different FPReach sessions.

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8 skills you need to succeed as an online community manager

Northern Voice 2011
Photo: Raul Pachecho Vega

A version of this blog post first appeared on the Get Involved blog

Managing a community online — what exactly is it?

Some people think it’s synonymous with handling a Twitter account, but what I found out during the July Net Tuesday Vancouver meetup is that it’s more than that.

The meetup’s panel, which consisted of Rethink’s Leah Gregg, Capulet Communications’ Theo Lamb, and Eat Street’s Lima Al-Azzeh, discussed what it’s like to build and grow a community online.

Based on the tips that the panel shared, here are eight skills (in addition to sending a tweet) that you need to thrive as a community manager.

Research skills

Community management is about building communities where they currently hang out. Part of your job as a community manager is to figure out what platforms your communities gravitate toward and then ensure that you have presence there.  Although it’s tempting to join emerging platforms like Google+ and Pinterest, you have to determine if it makes sense for your organization to be there.

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5 things you need to know about social media and SEM (Enterprise 2.0 Summary Part 2)

Chris Breikss - Social Media Week Vancouver
Photo: Cathy Browne | Flickr

In this second part of my Enterprise 2.0 recap, I’m sharing some key takeaways from Chris Breikss’ presentation.

Chris is the President and Co-Founder of 6S Marketing. His talk, titled “The New Social Media Impact on SEM“, focused on best practices in creating integrated online marketing initiatives.

My knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)  is fairly basic, but I found Chris’ talk informative and helpful. He communicated his points such that regular marketers would grasp them without dumbing down the content.

Essentially, his presentation had 5 main key takeaways:

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