The ultimate list of blogs and resources for content marketing pros

Ultimate list of blogs and resources for content marketing professionals

As a content marketer, I am always looking to learn new things and to get inspired by what others are doing. The best way to do that is by consuming other people’s content.

Here’s a list of of blogs and online publications I check out every day to keep my knowledge fresh and up to date. (Note: I keep this list updated regularly. Please leave a comment if there’s a website that I’ve missed.)

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12 easy steps to writing great content

Process for writing great content

Writing great content is not a skill—it’s a habit. The key to producing useful and interesting content for marketing is finding a process that works for you and sticking to it.

I know that doesn’t sound sexy, but it’s true: engaging content doesn’t come from inspiration alone. Great marketers use processes to turn their brilliant ideas into stellar posts, ebooks and other pieces of content.

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4 unexpected content marketing lessons from BuzzFeed

4 unexpected content marketing lessons from BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed is one of the biggest success stories in media today. Just a few years after its launch, the site has generated over $100 million in revenue in 2014 and is already profitable. It’s impossible not to talk to anyone under the age of 35 today who doesn’t know what BuzzFeed is.

So what is behind BuzzFeed’s phenomenal success? The site has pioneered the use of listicles, but its triumph can be attributed to more than that. The site’s growing web traffic is a result of its focus on interesting content, social-media optimization and smart use of technology.

Effective content marketing is a lot about acting as a brand publisher, so marketers can learn a lot from the BuzzFeed approach. Here are 4 lessons from this media powerhouse:

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Just do it! 5 ways to gain the confidence to blog

How to find the confidence to blog

Blogging takes confidence. No matter what you blog about, taking the time to write and share your thoughts involves vulnerability. People will find your typos and grammatical errors. Smart people might disagree with you. Sometimes, you may even be flat out wrong.

When you blog, you’re offering a part of yourself: your ideas, your intelligence, your own stories.

If you’ve ever let your lack of confidence stop you from blogging, fret not. You are not alone. And thankfully, marketing expert Mark Schaefer recently released a helpful Slideshare that outlines 5 easy tips on how to become a more confident blogger.

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5 content marketing lessons I learned from going viral

What happens after a piece of content you’ve created goes viral? 

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to find out the answer to this question when a blog post I wrote about the death of the social media manager got a lot of traffic. Within 24 hours, the article had 1,000 views. Mentions poured in on Twitter. I received the most LinkedIn requests I’ve ever received in one week. And my LinkedIn following easily crossed 1,000. By the end of the week, the post has reached over 50,000 views. Today, that post has more than 86,000 views.

5 content marketing lessons I learned from going viral

“Viral” is somewhat of a relative term, but for me, seeing one of my posts get more than 50,000 views in one week certainly qualifies as going viral.

It was an odd experience for me because as a marketer, I often think about ways of extending the reach of my company’s content. I am not alone: many marketers want to crack the code for viral marketing. In fact, it’s the quest for virality that’s driving the popularity of real-time marketing. If we can all be like Oreo, then we’ll boost brand awareness and increase lead count/sales…eventually.

From my experience going viral, I’ve learned some valuable content-marketing lessons. Here are 5 of them:

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