R.I.P. Social Media: Summary of Eric Weaver’s Enterprise 2.0 Talk

Eric Weaver - Social Media Week Vancouver - Enterprise 2.0 Summit
Photo: Cathy Browne | Flickr

Eric Weaver, Vice-President of Social Business Strategy & evANTgelist for Ant’s Eye View, was the keynote speaker at Social Media Week Vancouver’s Enterprise 2.0 Summit. His talk, titled “Social Media is dead! Long live social media!”, was one of the highlights of the week for me, not only because it was informative, but also because Eric brought a lot of humour into his presentation.

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5 things you need to know about social media and SEM (Enterprise 2.0 Summary Part 2)

Chris Breikss - Social Media Week Vancouver
Photo: Cathy Browne | Flickr

In this second part of my Enterprise 2.0 recap, I’m sharing some key takeaways from Chris Breikss’ presentation.

Chris is the President and Co-Founder of 6S Marketing. His talk, titled “The New Social Media Impact on SEM“, focused on best practices in creating integrated online marketing initiatives.

My knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)  is fairly basic, but I found Chris’ talk informative and helpful. He communicated his points such that regular marketers would grasp them without dumbing down the content.

Essentially, his presentation had 5 main key takeaways:

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How to create a social business (Enterprise 2.0 Summary part 1)

The Enterprise 2.0 Summit was one of the last events at Social Media Week Vancouver. The 8-hour conference took place at SFU Goldcorp Centre for the Arts and explored the various ways that large enterprises use social media.

Although I originally planned on writing one big blog post about this event, it became apparent from looking at my notes that it doesn’t make sense to do it that way. There was simply too much good stuff from that event that one blog post wouldn’t do.

I’ve decided to write several blog posts about the event, each one focusing on a theme.

In this first installment of my Enterprise 2.0 recap, I explore the strategies and tactics behind the idea of social business. I must admit — at the beginning of the day, I thought that “social business” was just another buzz word that social media gurus are trying to perpetuate. After listening to the first two speakers at Enterprise 2.0, however, I developed a better understanding of this concept and what it means for organizations to be social.

Shane Gibson, Chief Social Officer of Socialized Ltd.,  opened the event and provided good reasons why organizations should move from having a social media strategy to having a social business. Meanwhile, the second speaker, Amber Turnau, revealed how Whistler Blackcomb took their social media efforts to the next level.

Photo: Cathy Browne | Flickr

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Journalism 2.0 Summit – Key Takeaways

Photo: Jaysanw on Flickr

The Journalism 2.0 Summit is a Social Media Week Vancouver event that brought together some of the leading journalists in BC for a chat on how social media is transforming their industry. The panel included:

The two-hour event featured an hour or so of panel discussions around various topics followed by a Q&A session. Here are some notes from the event.

Public involvement in journalism

Because of social media, regular citizens can now affect how fast news gets around and where journalists get their information.

  • Instant feedback: As soon as the story is posted, you can expect comments right away. As soon as the story is tweeted, you can expected it to be re-tweeted. It’s that instant.
  • There’s a lot more accountability now. Journalists need to respond faster than ever. Audiences expect answers right away.
  • Instant feedback can be a problem, too: Shorter deadlines mean less focus on the longer, harder answers required for complex issues.
  • Blogs are, in some way, a reaction to what people aren’t getting from the media.

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Did social media kill PR?

At Journalism 2.0 Summit, one of the more interesting soundbites came from a couple of panelists who agreed that public relations is dead. That was a bold statement, so I knew I had to tweet it.

What followed was a flood of insights on Twitter.

Did social media kill #PR? @ thinks so. Thoughts? #smwvan
Kelvin (KC) Claveria

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