#SMCYVRSummer tweetup: Notes and slide decks

Social Media Club Vancouver - #smcyvrtweetup
Photo credit: Christine Lenihan

Last Tuesday, August 14, Social Media Club Vancouver hosted a meetup about the use of social media in the education and non-profit sectors. Here are some highlights from the night’s presentations.

How to use social media to educate students

Kimberly Voll’s talk on the use of social media in education gave a nice overview of where social media is currently at, specifically within the context of post-secondary education.

Yes, there is no denying. RT @: "Social media is not new and exciting anymore. It's mainstream." - @ #smcyvrsummer
Felice Lam
The social media outlet you use to convey a message is a message in itself. The medium is the message #smcyvrsummer
Natasha D'Souza

She argued that social media is not new and exciting anymore and that it is already mainstream, but she also pointed out that educators are not using these tools yet to their full advantage.

So, how can educators best use social media? Here were some of her suggestions:

  • Teach students how to use the tools. Not just the technical know-how (because they’ll likely figure this out themselves), but also the consequences of what they put on their profiles.
  • Create learning communities. For example, show students how hashtags can be a powerful learning tool in connecting with professionals in their field.
  • Create safe learning environments so that students won’t hesitate to ask educators via social media.
  • Train students for employment.

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Social Media Club Vancouver tweetup to feature education and non-profit experts

Social Media Club Vancouver

Social Media Club Vancouver is hosting a panel event on August 14, 2012 and you wouldn’t want to miss it.

UBC’s Kimberly Voll, 6S Marketing’s Amber Turnau, and Net Tuesday’s Elijah Vandergiessen will share tips and best practices about the use of social media in the education and non-profit sectors. I’ve heard from Amber (at last year’s Social Media Week) and Elijah (Social Media Unplugged and regularly at Net Tuesday meetups) before, and they’re fab speakers. It’s my first time hearing from Kimberly, but I’m sure she’ll be awesome, too!

In addition to hearing from three of Vancouver’s best thought leaders, the event is a great way to  drink, eat, and meet smart people. The tweetup takes place at Ceilis on Smithe Street. RSVP via Eventbrite.

If you can’t make it (it’s summer after all!), follow the hashtag #smcyvrsummer to keep track of conversations. I’ll also work on a post-event recap.

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Northern Voice 2012: A scientist and an academic steal the show

Social Media For Change, Social Change & Politics
Presentations about crowdsourcing and authenticity were highlights at this year’s Northern Voice.

David Ng’s presentation about crowdsourcing was informative, entertaining and super creative. I almost didn’t attend this presentation (I wanted to go to Photocamp… and I was hesitant to hear from a scientist), but David told interesting — and oftentimes funny — stories to flesh out his points. His slick and very visual presentation slides helped illustrate his points.

David’s tips about crowdsourcing included the following:

  • Try it.  Seriously, just do it!
  • Have fun. It’s ok not to take things too seriously.
  • Target a specific community. Be very clear about having a target audience. In other words, don’t target everyone and hope for the best.
  • Make the work easy — because if it’s not easy, people probably won’t participate.
  • Incorporate twee. Humour is always a hit on the interwebz.
  • Build relationships with influencers and get them to help you spread the word.
  • Do good. People are more likely to participate in worthy causes.

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#BunkerProject Social Media Club Vancouver Meetup

Yesterday, I attended a special edition of the Social Media Club Vancouver Pub Night. The organizers of the meetup group teamed up with the folks from the Bunker Project to talk social media. The Bunker Project records two podcasts back-to-back in one night, and although I only attended the first one, I learned a lot listening from the likes of Bob Garlick, Hootsuite’s Kemp Edmonds and Stephanie Michelle Scott share their thoughts.

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R.I.P. Social Media: Summary of Eric Weaver’s Enterprise 2.0 Talk

Eric Weaver - Social Media Week Vancouver - Enterprise 2.0 Summit
Photo: Cathy Browne | Flickr

Eric Weaver, Vice-President of Social Business Strategy & evANTgelist for Ant’s Eye View, was the keynote speaker at Social Media Week Vancouver’s Enterprise 2.0 Summit. His talk, titled “Social Media is dead! Long live social media!”, was one of the highlights of the week for me, not only because it was informative, but also because Eric brought a lot of humour into his presentation.

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