The dos and don’ts of increasing your Twitter followers

Twittering Tweets Mural

Let’s face it: You want more followers.

We can talk about how the quality of your followers is more important than the quantity—but the truth is, without a decent number of following, people are less likely to follow or trust you. People use the size of your network as a heuristic when judging your influence. If your work includes social media, even your boss might be using social media followers as a KPI.

Social media is about relationships—this is true—but it’s hard to justify having a social presence if you have a small network.

Expanding your Twitter network

So, how do you increase your number of followers on Twitter? Here are some DOs to follow:

Complete your profile and add a photo. Personally, I never follow people with an egg as their profile photo. I also find it hard to gauge if a person is follow-worthy if their bio is empty. Get these basics covered. If you want to impress people, consider customizing your background image.

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HOW TO: Use social media to land your next gig

Tweet Up

More than a year ago, I wrote a post on the AIESEC SFU blog on how to leverage social media in your job search. Since writing that blog post, I’ve discovered a few more ways that students and recent grads can use tools such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn to find their next gig.

With the current competitive job market, students and recent grads are always looking for ways to gain an advantage. And although more and more young and higher-educated Canadians are now turning to social media to land employment, I think that most aren’t using these tools to their full potential yet.

Finding a job using social media — not just for the marketing folks!

A common misconception about social media is that it’s only for the marketing/digital arts/communication types.  Regardless of your industry, there are things you can do in social media that will give you a competitive edge.

Not convinced? Consider the following:

Also, a survey conducted by Jobvite indicates that an overwhelming majority of employers (73%) plan on using social media in some capacity to support their recruitment efforts.

Seventy-eight percent of those surveyed plans to use LinkedIn at one point. These numbers suggest that having a presence in social media can pay dividends with your job search!

Just like many tools, social media offers many possibilities when it comes to your job search.  On a high level, there are two ways you can use social media to land your next gig: (1) creating your online personal brand and (2) using the tools to find job leads.

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Vancouver Twestival Raises Over $8K for Beauty Night Society

Note: I originally wrote this blog post for SFU Volunteer Services, where I’m currently employed as a Social Media Specialist. To view the original post, visit the ENGAGE blog.

Last Thursday, March 24,  social media enthusiasts in Vancouver headed to the Vancouver Lookout to socialize and to support a good cause. Twestival is a fundraising event that brings together Twitter users to support a local cause.Now on its fourth year, Vancouver Twestival selected Beauty Night Society as the recipient of this year’s proceeds.

The event raised over $8000, all of which will go towards supporting Beauty Night’s life makeover programs. Beauty Night, a non-profit that we’ve featured in the ENGAGE  blog before, provides programs for marginalized women and youth in the downtown eastside. Recently, the organization celebrated its 10th year anniversary.

As a first time attendee, I was really impressed by this event. We were treated to a stunning view, superb food & drinks, and a super fun photobooth.  Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson also addressed the crowd and praised the organizers for a great event.

Vancouver Twestival 2011

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Happy 5th Birthday, @Twitter! Here are 5 Reason Why I love you.

Twitter Bird

Today marks the 5th anniversary since the first tweet was sent out. Since then, Twitter has become bigger than ever, with a valuation of around $7.7 billion US today.

just setting up my twttr
Jack Dorsey

People still occassionally mock Twitter, but it has proven to be a valuable tool, especially during crises. It is interesting though that up to today, only 9% of the US population uses the site at least monthly. (This number is significantly smaller compared to Facebook’s reach.)

Everyone pretty much knows that I love Twitter. But some people don’t share this view, and that’s alright. The reality is that, for many reasons that are beyond the scope of this blog post,  Twitter is not for everyone.

With that said, this blog post is not about whether Twitter is for you – this is about why I love the site. So without further ado, here are my reasons:

1. It educates me.

I owe much of my knowledge about social media marketing to Twitter.  I’m not an “expert” by any means, but I think I have sufficient knowledge about social media today, and that’s because of the awesome tweeps I follow.  Social media, unfortunately, is not taught in my university yet.

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