HOW TO: Use social media to land your next gig

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More than a year ago, I wrote a post on the AIESEC SFU blog on how to leverage social media in your job search. Since writing that blog post, I’ve discovered a few more ways that students and recent grads can use tools such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn to find their next gig.

With the current competitive job market, students and recent grads are always looking for ways to gain an advantage. And although more and more young and higher-educated Canadians are now turning to social media to land employment, I think that most aren’t using these tools to their full potential yet.

Finding a job using social media — not just for the marketing folks!

A common misconception about social media is that it’s only for the marketing/digital arts/communication types.  Regardless of your industry, there are things you can do in social media that will give you a competitive edge.

Not convinced? Consider the following:

Also, a survey conducted by Jobvite indicates that an overwhelming majority of employers (73%) plan on using social media in some capacity to support their recruitment efforts.

Seventy-eight percent of those surveyed plans to use LinkedIn at one point. These numbers suggest that having a presence in social media can pay dividends with your job search!

Just like many tools, social media offers many possibilities when it comes to your job search.  On a high level, there are two ways you can use social media to land your next gig: (1) creating your online personal brand and (2) using the tools to find job leads.

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Slideshare: Using Social Media for Your Job Search

Last week, I collaborated with a fellow AIESECer for a presentation on the use of social media in the job search process. The presentation was meant for our fellow Career Peer Educators. As you probably already know by now, I’m volunteering for SFU Career Services as a peer, usually helping other students and alumni with their resumes and cover letters.

Which Social Networking Sites Should You Join

The best thing about this project is that it gave me a legitimate reason to use Slideshare. Check it out!

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