How to optimize your content for Facebook sharing

Optimize your content for Facebook

Picture this: You worked really hard to write something amazing. Perhaps it’s an in-depth blog post about something your customers will find useful. Or perhaps it’s a landing page that compellingly outlines your content’s value. You click “publish” and give your teammates a high five. “This will surely bring us many leads,” you tell them.

But when you check Google Analytics a few days after, you find that your content isn’t pulling great traffic. You dig deeper and find that while people find the content useful, they’re not sharing it. In fact, it practically has zero Facebook shares.

For a content marketer, this scenario is pretty much a nightmare. As modern marketers, one of the most crucial things we need to worry about is creating shareable content. A part of that depends on the quality of your content; another part depends on how well you distribute it. But one crucial ingredient that marketers often miss is optimizing their content for social networks. That’s a huge missed opportunity.

This post outlines what you need to know to make your content highly shareable on Facebook. Read on!

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How to remove your Facebook page’s subcategory [QUICK TIP]

How to remove your Facebook Page's subcategory

Did you know that the subcategory you choose appears prominently on your Facebook page?

It appears just below your page’s profile picture, letting people know right away what your business is all about.

But here’s the catch: Once you select a subcategory, you cannot remove it in an intuitive way. Or at least you can’t right now. (Hopefully it’s just a temporary Facebook bug.) This is problematic because the choices for subcategory are limited—meaning, what you select may not exactly capture what you offer. In that case, you probably want your category to show instead. [Read more…]

Why closing your Facebook page is a terrible idea

Why closing your Facebook page is a terrible idea

“Facebook isn’t necessarily backstabbing marketers.” – Jeff Revoy, former VP of Search at Yahoo

If your company is thinking of leaving Facebook, you better think twice. That’s the main message from Jeff Revoy, former VP of Search at Yahoo, in an article he recently wrote for Fast Company.

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Facebook pages: 6 tips on how to increase your reach

how to increase facebook reach

Recently, Eat24, a food delivery service, made a lot of noise on social media for writing a break-up letter to Facebook and closing down its Facebook page a few days after.

It’s a PR and SEO ploy—and for the most part, it worked.

But as I’ve written in a recent LinkedIn post, Eat24 made a huge mistake leaving Facebook. The social network is still, by far, the biggest. And for B2C, it still has the most engagement compared to Twitter or Google+.

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How to edit a Facebook post on your company page

NOTE: As of February 2013, it is now possible to edit all types of Facebook posts. To do edit a post, go to the update, click the drop-down box at the top-right hand side, and then click “Edit…” I am leaving the post below just for archiving purposes. 

Editing your Facebook status updates

Don’t you hate it when you make one typo on a Facebook post but you can’t edit it?

Usually in this situation, you only have the following options:

  • Delete the post and re-post, double checking that don’t make a typo again
  • Post a comment correcting the typo
  • Leave the post as is and hope that none of the people who have liked your page notice the typo

Well as it turns out, Facebook administrators can edit a postsort of.

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