Metro Vancouver wants you to create memories, not garbage

Metro Vancouver's "Create Memories, Not Garbage" campaign

This upcoming holiday season, Metro Vancouver wants you to be a “green angel” and help reduce unnecessary garbage.

The campaign — appropriately titled “Create Memories, Not Garbage” — is supported by a microsite as well as a number of outdoor ads. If you’ve used public transit in the last month or so, you might have noticed these ads — cute and light, they communicate the message without necessarily making you feel guilty.

I personally liked that the ads featured some diversity as well. Vancouver is such a multi-cultural city that sometimes I question why we don’t see more minorities in our ads.

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“Love is Louder” shows that positive emotions can work in social advertising

Love is Louder 2.

Love is Louder is an online movement that aims to show support to those who have ever felt “mistreated, misunderstood or isolated”. It’s a direct response to last year’s multiple teenage suicides in the US. As a social campaign, Louder aims to build on the momentum of other online campaigns (such as the “It Gets Better” campaign) to invite those who have been bullied into the conversation.

Although many celebrities have already been involved with this campaign, I’ve never heard of it until recently. I was channel surfing when the commercial below — featuring some CTV personalities — came on and immediately caught my attention.

I’ve already written before about the use of advertising in social campaigns. In a previous blog post, I’ve said that the use of emotional appeals bring up some ethical issues that marketers need to address. What I didn’t mention in that blog post is that the type of emotions matter: negative ones such as fear or guilt definitely have ethical implications.

What I like about this “Love is Louder” video though is that it uses positive emotions to drive home its message.  Similar to the “It Gets Better” campaign, Louder gives hope to the victims instead of going after the bullies.

Unfortunately, bullying is something that many people have experienced in their lives, and reminding kids that “love is louder” hopefully offer these kids optimism for the future.  I’ve never been bullied (thankfully), but as a gay man, I do know first hand that life gets easier as you grow older. So, hang on, kids, and in the meantime, talk to your parents or call the Kids Help Phone line if you’re being bullied.

Who needs an Oscar when you can star in a commercial instead?

Tonight, I’m anticipating a flood of tweets about the Oscars. I probably won’t be watching the show myself. Honestly, I think the award show — not counting the red carpet show, which is a bit entertaining — is an overrated snooze fest.

This year, the race for the Oscars isn’t even that exciting. Is anyone really doubting that Natalie Portman and Colin Firth will be taking home the acting awards? The showdown between “The King’s Speech” and “The Social Network” is being played out in the media, but anyone who has seen both movies will actually agree that the former is infinitely better than the latter. Also, “The King’s Speech” has already won the Directors Guild Award, a better predictor than the Golden Globes of who’ll take home the Best Picture award.

Anyhoo, this post is about advertising, so let’s go at it. If there’s one person at this year’s Oscars that might make me watch, it’s James Franco. The guy looks good and possesses incredible charm. I’m not sure if those qualities will help him with his hosting gig tonight (I have major doubts about that), but they’ve definitely helped in this ad for Gucci sport:

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Sunday Inspiration: Music Stars

You’ve probably seen this post coming. As I said in a previous post, the Grammys is the one award show that I actually look forward to.  Simply put, I love music and music stars!

Music and advertising is a marriage made in heaven. An appropriate soundtrack can take a commercial to a new level. At the same time, music stars have so much clout that it makes sense to have them as spokespeople.

First up is the artist with the most nomination for tonight’s show: Eminem. Now, I won’t lie – at one point, I thought Eminem was no longer relevant. And then — boom! — just like that, he’s back on top, thanks to a good album and a monstrous collaboration with Rihanna.

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Sunday Inspiration: All About Football

Super Bowl – it’s that one time of the year when people actually look forward to watching commercials. And why not? With such a big audience, the Super Bowl attracts the most innovative, the funniest, and even the weirdest advertisers around.

This year is probably no exception. Already, an ad from PETA is rejected for being too controversial. (The Huffington Post posted the video, but it may not be appropriate for work.)

Last year, a number of ads stood out. I still quite remember the Megan Fox ad…. Not because it was super interesting, but because some people were buzzing about the possibility that a hand double was used for the ad.

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