How to optimize your content for Facebook sharing

Optimize your content for Facebook

Picture this: You worked really hard to write something amazing. Perhaps it’s an in-depth blog post about something your customers will find useful. Or perhaps it’s a landing page that compellingly outlines your content’s value. You click “publish” and give your teammates a high five. “This will surely bring us many leads,” you tell them.

But when you check Google Analytics a few days after, you find that your content isn’t pulling great traffic. You dig deeper and find that while people find the content useful, they’re not sharing it. In fact, it practically has zero Facebook shares.

For a content marketer, this scenario is pretty much a nightmare. As modern marketers, one of the most crucial things we need to worry about is creating shareable content. A part of that depends on the quality of your content; another part depends on how well you distribute it. But one crucial ingredient that marketers often miss is optimizing their content for social networks. That’s a huge missed opportunity.

This post outlines what you need to know to make your content highly shareable on Facebook. Read on!

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12 Lessons Learned From a Year of Blogging

Editor’s note: The following blog post first appeared on I asked Adelina if I could republish her post here because her tips are actionable and useful for both novice and expert bloggers.

12 Lessons Learned From a Year of Blogging

In December 2013, I decided that I was going to give blogging a proper go with my travel site Pack Me To. Before that, while I had set up my site and social media, I blogged halfheartedly and sporadically. I wasn’t truly invested in it and the idea of a blog seemed better than the actual writing. Since that decision, blogging has been a lot of hits and misses. A lot of experimentation, a lot of late nights and a whole lot of learning. Although I still see a lot more room for growth and development, I’m proud of what I have built in a year.

While I’m specifically writing about my experiences with the travel blogging industry, a lot of these lessons can be applied to other industries and blogging in general. It’s been a lot of trial and error and I still haven’t figured it all out yet, but here are 12 lessons I learned from a year of blogging:

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How to be a Tumblr Titan [infographic]

How to become a Tumblr Titan - infographic

Tumblr started with a small idea. When it was created in 2007, the idea of microblogging had already existed for some time, but Tumblr was the first name in this field that made it big. By the time it was acquired by Yahoo in 2012, Tumblr was already among the big players in social space. By 2014, it had swollen to 195 million distinct micro-blogs.

What makes it special is the unique demographic it serves. There is plenty to explore here. For example, according to some studies, it is highly popular among Hispanic population. Another study suggests that teenagers are using it more than Facebook. But the most important statistic you must consider here is the one disclosed by its founder and CEO David Karp himself last year. According to him, an average Tumblr user spends much more time per visit to the site than an average Facebook user. What does that really mean?

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4 social media resolutions worth making in the new year

Social media resolutions

In general, I don’t believe in new year’s resolutions. Often, they are too general and ineffective. But when it comes to our social media habits, I believe we could all make an exception. That’s because bad social media habits can hurt your online reputation, which can have a detrimental effect on your career. And unlike other habits, making changes on social media is relatively easy and doesn’t take much effort.

Social media can help you find your next job in 2015, but for that to happen, you need to be smart in the way you use social networking sites. If you’re serious about elevating your career in the new year, here are 4 social media resolutions you should consider taking on:

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5 Steps to Allocating Your 2015 Social Media Marketing Budget

Social media budgeting for 2015

This is a guest post from Ivan Serrano, a social media and business journalist comfortably living in the Bay Area of California. You can follow him on Twitter and Google+

As the new year approaches, businesses should expect big changes for their social media strategy.

Social media experienced some big changes in 2014. New platforms such as Ello were introduced, Snapchat introduced Snapcash, and Facebook began taking action to create more organic content on its platform.

With these changes, brands are going to need to know what trends will impact their social media strategy in 2015. As you continue to plan your social media marketing for 2015, here are five things you should keep in mind:

1. Adapt to mobile marketing.

Do you have a mobile social media marketing budget in place? If not, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to reach a larger audience of consumers.

People are spending more time on social media with their mobile device than they do on a laptop or computer. In fact, smartphone users spend more than seven hours each month using Facebook’s mobile app to access their accounts.

When allocating your 2015 social media marketing budget, make sure you create room for mobile marketing. Mobile marketing enables brands to pay attention to their customers’ location and engage with them on a local level. You can also take advantage of photo dependent networks like Instagram to build awareness of your brand on-the-go.

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