9 proven ways to become a content marketing creative genius

9 ways to unleash creativity

As marketers, we’re expected to be always on. We’re expected to be creative, to be able to come up with new ideas all the time.

And in marketing, creativity is a critical component of success. You won’t see traction in your content marketing efforts unless you have new ideas to share or you present them in a way that hasn’t been done before. On social media, we need to constantly come up with new blog post ideas and new ways of engaging our audience.

So, how do you keep the creative juices flowing?

That’s the question that the slideshare presentation below aims to answer. You’ve heard some of these tips before—but some might surprise you.

Here are 9 tips from the presentation:

1. Be tired. Being creative comes at non-optimal times.

2. Workout. Not just for bigger biceps, but also because it helps you become more productive.

3. Play noise. Ambient noise is ideal.

4. Travel. A change in scenery can help get the creative juices flowing.

5. Dim the light. Softer light is more conducive to creative tasks.

6. Surround yourself with select colors. Greens and blues, in particular, have been shown to be good for creativity.

7. Set limits. Constraints can actually increase your creative output. Don’t start with a blank page.

8. Keep your desk messy. A not-so-clean desk can inspire newer ideas instead of classic ones.

9. Use apps! Oflow and Coda are two apps that were specifically created to inspire creativity.

See the tips below.

How do you come up with fresh marketing ideas? Share your top tips below! 

Photo credit: Sylwia Bartyzel via Unsplash

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