Editing your Facebook status updates

Don’t you hate it when you make one typo on a Facebook post but you can’t edit it?

Usually in this situation, you only have the following options:

  • Delete the post and re-post, double checking that don’t make a typo again
  • Post a comment correcting the typo
  • Leave the post as is and hope that none of the people who have liked your page notice the typo

Well as it turns out, Facebook administrators can edit a postsort of.

In the following video by Tod Maffin, you’ll learn exactly how to edit posts on Facebook. This method of editing an update is guaranteed to work, but there are two caveats:

  • You can only do it for your own post — i.e. you can’t edit the caption of something you’ve shared.
  • It only works for photos that you directly added to your Timeline or as part of your album. If the photo was uploaded through a third-party app such as Instagram, for instance, the method won’t work.

You might be wondering — if this only applies to photos, then what’s the point? Posts including a picture generate about 120% more engagement than the average post, so you should be posting images frequently anyway. If you posted something else, then try the three options I provided at the beginning of this post.

All this said, Facebook recently rolled out a feature that allows users to edit comments, so it could be that the ability to edit posts of any type is just around the corner.

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  • http://exchange.adelinawong.ca Adelina W

    I’ve been cringing over a poorly written sentence for an image from a week ago. This definitely came in handy. All changed and now no one can tell :D Thanks for the tip!

    • http://kcclaveria.com KC Claveria

      Hey, Adi! I’m glad the blog post helped. :)

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  • http://twitter.com/todmaffin Tod Maffin

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  • David

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  • Michelle

    But can you edit an image uploaded in a post? In that, re-upload an updated version of that image?

    • http://kcclaveria.com KC Claveria

      Hi Michelle. As far as I know, that’s not possible. :(

  • moses

    Thank you man. I’ve been struggling to do that.

    • http://kcclaveria.com KC Claveria

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  • Kay

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  • Silver Betty

    Thank God! It’s my worst nightmare to have bad spelling or grammar in a status update and when it already has likes and shares I hate deleting it. This saved me today, thank you so much!!

    • http://kcclaveria.com KC Claveria

      I know what you mean. You’re welcome! I’m glad this helped.

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  • Lucky

    WOW Thank you so much. Facebook has been hurting my bran all morning! (your video is set to private.)

    • http://kcclaveria.com KC Claveria

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  • Lucky

    Hey, how do I edit comments on your blog? I made a typo.

    • http://kcclaveria.com KC Claveria

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  • lulu

    the video is coming up as “private” for me. Is there anywhere else I can watch it?

    • http://kcclaveria.com KC Claveria

      Hi Lulu. Looks like Tod just placed the video back up for public viewing. Please have a look again.

  • stephen

    Thanks for this, very useful

  • D. Jenkins

    Thanks so much. I find it very difficult to do things with my facebook page. When I look for advice on the web there’s so much out there, I usually don’t know where to start.

  • Francesca Wit

    Is this something that will be rolled out in different times/country? my Fb page does not allow me to do so.. Unless when you say that the image must be posted by myself (not via an app) you also mean the image MUST BE SAVED AND UPLOADED TO FB into my photos…) thanks for your advise

  • bethmeph

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  • Nhan

    THANK YOU! You are a life saver! I was stressing out trying to find the ‘edit’ button when I realised I had made a mistake on my FB page (‘nooooooo!’). Luckily I had attached a photo with the update (phew!).
    Thanks for saving the day and saving me from embarrassing myself on my blog and FB page,