3 Google+ resources you absolutely must check out

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People seem to be very split about Google+. On one hand, you have experts who feel that the site is disruptive and game-changing.

On the other hand, there are people — and I’d say that this is the majority — who still don’t see the value of the site.

Regardless of how you feel about it, Google+ deserves some poking around. As a platform backed by one of the biggest Internet giants around, Google+ offers many marketing potential. And it is still improving.

Here are three great resources to start learning about marketing on Google+.

For the skeptic: 10 reasons Google+ will dominate

If you’re still reluctant to join or use Google+, you’re not really alone. Although the site’s membership has grown significantly in the past year, people don’t seem to be hanging out on the platform. Some have called it a “ghost town“.

Having some reservations about this Google platform is fine, but Vancouver-based digital marketing agency 6S Marketing does a great job of outlining compelling reasons why Google+ is set for success. My favourite points include:

  • Integration with Google accounts. As Google has repeatedly explained in the past, Google+ is not a social network; it is Google itself. Google+ is an information powerhouse, something that integrates other Google products for better search results. With the amount of data that Google has, expect Google+ to improve significantly in the future.
  • Integration with ads. Most of Google’s revenue still comes its Google Adwords platform. Ranking well on the Google Adwords platform matter for advertisers. If the +1 buttons really do affect click through rates of ads, then expect most advertisers to eventually be on Google Plus.
  • SEO and search. With Google Search Plus Your World, Google has redefined everything we previously know about search. This is a whole different ball game for search engine optimization (SEO), and organizations will need to start seriously thinking about having a robust Google+ presence if they want to rank well on Google SERPs.

For the SEO noobs: 5 ways of improving your search engine optimization using Google+

In an article for the Social Media Examiner, Kristi Hines (a.k.a. @kikolani) outlines tips on how to use Google+ to improve your SEO. As usual, Kristi does a great job of breaking down the information so it makes sense to experts and noobs alike.

The two biggest pro tips from this article are the following:

  1. Claim authorship for articles you have written by following Google’s instructions. (Disclosure: I haven’t had success in doing this yet — but I’m working on it!)
  2. Fill out your information completely and with targeted keywords. Sound simple right? But you’ll be surprised how many people actually haven’t done this yet.

For the marketing pro: 6 essential Google+ features for marketing your business

Google+ is more than just about SEO. As I’ve mentioneGoogle Plus Iconsd in a previous post, some Google+ features present opportunities for marketers.

The Unbounce blog has a good post that outlines the Google+ features that can help your digital marketing strategy. (They have added an infographic about Google+ users as a bonus.)

Of course, the Google+ brand pages is a pretty much a giveaway — it is a great first step for your business to take if you’d like a presence on this platform. I think that the of Ripples and Hangouts are most interesting. Some companies have already played with Hangouts, but I’m curious what innovators will do to make use of this feature.

Any other Google+ resources I should check out?

Look, Google+ is here to stay. We might as well learn it well and rock this platform.

Do you have some awesome Google+ resources you’ve bookmarked lately? Share them in the comments section — I would love to read them!

P.S. Are you on Google+? Add me to your circles today!

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