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Over the past few weeks, I’ve been very busy that I haven’t really had the time to look closely at what people on Twitter are talking about.

Twitter lists still help immensely in capturing important conversations, and Hootsuite (and sometimes Tweetdeck)  is still always open for me.  But for the most part, I haven’t clicked on as many links or read as many articles on Twitter.

Thankfully, I recently discovered a new tool that keeps me in the loop even if I’m not spending as much as time on Twitter.

Always be in the loop with what’s popular with Summify

Summify, as its website says, “creates a beautiful daily summary of the most relevant news from your social networks.” Summify informs you of the top 5 stories that your networks are talking about. Via email, through the Summify website, or through the app, you can get a summary of the most popular stories that your networks have shared throughout the day.

Provided you have chosen who is in your networks well — if you haven’t, then that’s probably a different issue — you’ll likely find that your summaries are relevant and timely.

As an added bonus, Summify’s summaries are elegant and beautiful. The site’s minimalist interface clearly took a page out of Apple. Big images help highlight the stories, while the understated fonts keep the page clean and organized.

Possible Improvements to Summify:

Summify is off to a great start, and the possibilities with it are endless. As organizations increasingly realize the importance of producing content, we’re bound to see people sharing more — which means an increase in both signal and noise. Curation — or more specifically, efficient curation — will play a role in helping social media users determine what’s important and what’s garbage. This is clearly where Summify can help.

But in order to be more relevant, Summify will have to add more features. Here are a few ideas on how Summify might improve its service:

  • Tracking of more than just links.  It will be great if summaries could include hashtags or even specific topics that your networks are talking about. People talk about certain events without necessarily sharing links — I’d love to see a tool that can capture this because even something like LinkedIn Today can’t do this yet. (Trending topics on Twitter and Google Plus can do this, but they do it on a macro scale as opposed to just my networks.)
  • Further customization. When I tweet my summaries, I usually remove “via @summify” to make room for an additional comment and/or an additional mentions. It’s quite a hastle to keep removing this phrase —  and as far as I can tell, I can’t permanently remove it via the settings. It would be great if I can tell Summify how I want my tweets to look like, how many people to mention, etc.
  • Add LinkedIn. What people talk about on LinkedIn is a little different from Twitter. LinkedIn conversations tend to be more professional and industry-specific. I’d like to see Summify add LinkedIn to my summaries soon. This seems like a basic functionality though, and I’ll be very surprised if they’re not already working on adding this social network soon.
  • Real-time summaries. Currently, Summify only sends out summaries once a day. As its algorithm gets better though (and hopefully it does), I do expect updates to become more frequent. If Summify’s algorithm can be close to real time, it will become a valuable tool not just for social media marketers, but also for the general public.

PR and Marketing Implications of Summify

Finally, just a quick thought on what Summify and other content curation tools mean for marketers and PR folks. To come up with summaries, Summify (and others such as LinkedIn Today) looks at the number of times a link has been shared.

So, I think the implication is quite simple: create awesome content that people will want to share. Entertain, educate, or amuse. Solve problems.

Thoughts on Summify?

Have you used Summify yet? What are your thoughts on this new tool?

For more info, check out Summify’s website. If you love Summify already, you can also vote for it as your fave Up-and-coming social media service at the Mashable Awards.

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  • Robin Campbell

    Thanks for that review Kelvin. We love hearing the thoughts from our users, especially the improvements. 

    LinkedIn is in the works, and we have some exciting updates coming up. 

    Robin from @summify:twitter 

    • KC Claveria

      Sweet, can’t wait to see those updates, Robin!