Content curation: 5 tools to help newbies do it better

LinkedIn Today

In case you haven’t heard, content curation is the new black. Everyone is doing it to some extent — and many may not even realize they’re doing it.

Curation is fun, but it also offers some real benefits for marketers. It’s a good way of establishing thought leadership. A recent study also suggests that curation drives conversions.

Curation might seem easy, but doing it well is both a science and an art. In this post, I tackle the science part.

Finding quality content to curate and share requires good research skills. Here are some of the tools I use to look for unique, fresh content.

LinkedIn Today

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of LinkedIn Today. It’s an efficient way of keeping your pulse on what’s happening in your industry.

The key to using LinkedIn Today for content curation is to go beyond the popular ones. As you might expect, content from Mashable and Ragan — both awesome but overused sites — are widely shared, and these articles usually rank high on LinkedIn Today.

But the less popular ones are the articles that your connections probably haven’t seen yet. Keep an eye out for those and share the best ones.

Visit to try out LinkedIn Today.

Twitter Lists

It’s very likely that there are people you’re following on Twitter who already curate quite well. Leverage their expertise by creating  Twitter lists (preferably private ones) and follow those lists on Hootsuite or Tweetdeck.

Re-sharing content from these people can also strengthen your relationships with them. Just be sure to give proper attribution when you re-share articles.

Google Sparks

One of the few reasons to visit Google Plus, Sparks allows you to find content about things you’re interested about. Sparks aggregates stories by topic to make it easy for you to share those stories with your Google+ connections.

Content on Sparks can be limited, but it’s a good tool to find some hidden gems. Google+ also makes it easy to find publicly-shared articles, so use that functionality as well.

LinkedIn Signal - Social media marketing tools

LinkedIn Signal

LinkedIn makes a second appearance on this list, this time with Signal. As I’ve written before, Signal is a great tool to see conversations about your brand or about key people in your organization.  But you can also use it to find content about your industry.

What makes Signal slightly better than LinkedIn Today is the search functionality. If you wish, you can find articles that are only from your connections, for example.  Signal also lets you to search by location, so it’s a good tool to find locally-relevant topics about topics of your choice.

To use Signal, just go to


Most of us hate getting extra emails, but subscribing to some email newsletters is actually a great way of getting content delivered straight to your inbox.

My favourite ones are Sarah Evan’s #commentz and Jay Baer’s Convince and Convert. I like these two because of the quality of content that they deliver and because both minimize the sales talk. I find that subscribing to the right newsletters allows me to efficiently look for content without suffering from information overload.

To find newsletters to subscribe to, simply check out your fave industry blogs and see if they have an email newsletter. Most of the time, they’ll have one.

Your fave?

Everyone pretty much curates information, so I’m curious about the tools you use to find unique content. Share your secrets below!

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  • Anonymous

    Great article! I work for a company called HiveFire, Inc and we create a great enterprise solution for content curation called Curata – it helps you find, organize and share online content for your organization. Check it out at

    • KC Claveria

      Thank you for letting me know about this. I’ll check out Curata shortly. :)