Looking for a Marketing association to join

Today, a mild panic awoke me. “It’s July,” I suddenly realized. Actually, it’s already the 4th of July.

July is going to be a busy month. I have a debate, a couple of papers, and a few group stuff coming up. Typical for the last four weeks of a semester, I suppose. But this semester is a bit different — it’s the last one of my undergrad career!

So that means I have to start looking for full-time employment soon. That, or I risk dying of starvation come September.

Now, I already know first-hand the benefits of being part of a professional organization. I’ve been a member of the BC Chapter of IABC for a year now, and in that short period of time, I’ve gained a lot of professional experience and met many communication professionals. And I haven’t even used the job board yet.


My bigger focus though is with marketing, so I think that joining a marketing association might be a good investment. But given my limited budget, I think I can join one and only one.

After doing some research, I’ve narrowed down my choices to these three:

BC Chapter of the American Marketing Association

BCAMA seems to have more clout than other associations. Easily, it was top-of-mind for me simply because they have a strong social media presence. (How’s that for social media ROI?)

I like that they have many interesting events. They usually bring in good speakers at their speaker series events.

British Columbia Association of Integrated Marketers

I learned about this organization at Careers in Marketing, where Ron Cann, one of the panelists, highlighted the importance of volunteering for a professional association.

I’ve followed the organization since on Twitter, but I don’t see much action. That said, I do believe that “measurable, results-driven marketing and sales” is important, so I probably shouldn’t be quick on dismissing this organization.

International Internet Marketers Association

I’ve never really heard of this organization until I learned about Fusion 2011. (I didn’t go to the event, although I really wanted to. The speaker lineup looked amazing.)

It might make sense for me to join this one. Given my experience with eBay, with SFU Volunteer Services, and with CMNSU, I’m probably headed towards the digital marketing and/or social media marketing field. That said, I don’t know enough about this organization. In fact, even the best digital strategists I know are not part of IIMA.

Your Thoughts?

I have about 6 weeks left before school ends, so I need to make a decision soon. Needless to say, I’m leaning towards BCAMA. Any thoughts on which one I should join? What has been your experience with professional associations so far?

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