Old Spice Shows How Us How It’s Done

Photo Credit: http://theinspirationroom.com/daily/2010/old-spice-manmercials-man/

Unless you haven’t been online at all last week, you likely have seen at least one of the 180 YouTube Old Spice videos. The “Smell Like a Man, Man” campaign took over all social media for a few days last week, showing everyone how viral marketing should work. Of course, the tricky thing about viral marketing is that it is controlled by the people, not by companies or their advertising agencies; however, this campaign shows us how the right mix of ingenuity, research, planning, and inspiration can bring unbelievable results.

The genius idea was really quite simple: For two days, the Old Spice guy (his actual name is Isaiah Mustafa), made personalized videos for fans, bloggers, celebrities, and everyone in between. According to a ReadWriteWeb article, the comedic videos were made in an undisclosed location in Portland, Oregon and was a collective effort by “a team of creatives, tech geeks, marketers and writers”.

The key to the campaign was that it engaged viewers, ensuring in return that these viewers made the campaign viral. The campaign spoke to you; in fact, if you’re one of the many who got a personalized response, then I meant that quite literally.

See a couple of the standouts from this campaign as well as a pretty awesome parody after the jump.

Many of the videos were really quite funny, so picking a favourite is hard. I quite like the one where he helped a guy propose. There’s nothing like a video that mixes comedy, romance, and random stuff!

There’s also his video response to Demi Moore, complete with a pirate pinata and a really random fish.

The Mashable has an excellent article analyzing exactly how successful this campaign is (complete with gorgeous infographics). But if you ask me, the real sign of that this succeeded is the fact that awesome parodies such as the one below are already appearing online.

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