Busy Summer

My Summer semester is turning out to be a busy one. In addition to taking five courses — yep, you’ve read that right — I’ll be continuing my work with SFU Work Integrated Learning as a writer for its Online Learning Community.

And of course, there’s also my volunteer work. I believe I’ll continue working with SFU Volunteer Services as a blog writer for the ENGAGE blog even if my initial commitment was only for six months. I’ll also be receiving training as an SFU Orientation Leader throughout the semester.

Despite the busy schedule, I’m not complaining….

In fact, I’m quite excited about this upcoming semester. There are several reasons for this:

  • Unlike this semester, none of my courses for the Summer semester is worth 4 credits. I don’t expect a single course to drive me nuts.
  • Two of the courses I plan to take are super creative. I’ll be learning  Photoshop, InDesign and maybe even  photography this upcoming semester!
  • One of my courses is about fitness. How fun is that?

Of course, I’d rather relax for the summer. But there is a benefit to fulfilling my “breadth” requirements this semester.  In the Fall semester, I can focus on my graduation requirements and go get my degree possibly sooner. (Crossing my fingers for April 2011.)

So there you go. I’ll be busy, but I’m super excited!

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