Periscope is interesting, but it might still fail

Periscope - Twitter's live streaming mobile app

I was recently talking to a friend about Periscope, Twitter’s new app. Although my friend is a social media enthusiast, she said she had never heard about it.

“It’s for live streaming,” I said. “Kinda like Ustream, but using your phone.”

After considering my explanation, my friend offered: “Sounds interesting…but weird.”

My friend’s description—”interesting but weird”—has been, for the most part, how many journalists, bloggers and early adopters have been describing Periscope. If you talk to non-techies about Periscope, they’d probably use the same adjectives to describe it.

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The ultimate list of blogs and resources for content marketing pros

Ultimate list of blogs and resources for content marketing professionals

As a content marketer, I am always looking to learn new things and to get inspired by what others are doing. The best way to do that is by consuming other people’s content.

Here’s a list of of blogs and online publications I check out every day to keep my knowledge fresh and up to date. (Note: I keep this list updated regularly. Please leave a comment if there’s a website that I’ve missed.)

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Why being called a “social media guru” is bad for your marketing career

Hashtag social media guru

Once in a while, I get introduced by people as a “social media guru.” I know they mean well when they do that; perhaps they even intend to compliment me when they say it. But that title—”social media guru”—never sat well with me. And it probably never will.

At first, I thought that my annoyance with that term stems from the “guru” part. There’s something about that word that feels pretentious. It suggests false expertise. It also suggests a know-it-all attitude, which I hope I don’t actually project.

Recently, however, I realized that the “social media” part is equally problematic. “Guru” reminds me of a buddha: wise, calm and serene. But add “social media” in front of it and the new term reminds me of a sly person trying to sell his (outdated) books to the masses.

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12 easy steps to writing great content

Process for writing great content

Writing great content is not a skill—it’s a habit. The key to producing useful and interesting content for marketing is finding a process that works for you and sticking to it.

I know that doesn’t sound sexy, but it’s true: engaging content doesn’t come from inspiration alone. Great marketers use processes to turn their brilliant ideas into stellar posts, ebooks and other pieces of content.

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LinkedIn Publishing: 6 Content Marketing Lessons Learned After One Year

Content marketing lessons from LinkedIn Publishing

It was about a year ago—March 12, to be exact—when I first received an email inviting me to blog on LinkedIn.

“Be the first one to publish on LinkedIn,” the invitation read. “Strengthen your reputation by sharing your perspectives with your network.”

I was already a big fan of LinkedIn, so I decided to take the plunge. I like experimenting with anything social anyway, so I couldn’t pass up on the offer.

Since then, I’ve published 35 LinkedIn blog posts, amassed over 2,000 followers, and gone “viral” once. In January 2015, LinkedIn opened up its publishing platform to all English-speaking countries, while continuing to add new features.

If you’re thinking of blogging on LinkedIn, here are six lessons I’d like to offer—all learned from my year of using the professional social network’s publishing platform.

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